a medium

Stan Douglas: Entertainment
Kerry tribe: Speak, memory
Jimmy Robert: Draw the line
Athame Regular V1
Sea of Grief
Process Book: The Opposite of Disappearing
Live Magazine: On Design's Pasts, Presents, and Futures
Specimen of Typefaces by Commercial
Name tbd
Design Thinkers Toronto 2019
Now That's What I Call Love
MFA Degree Show 2018
Nurse Hilary's Holiday Task
Vernacular Matchboxes
Graphic Design GradEx 2014
Colour Ink is Expensive: a b&w zine
Ninety Nine U: Special Adobe XD Edition
Real Folk Blues
A New Tradition
Lost Sheep: Vol 1—2,4<br>1: Suffering<br>2. Gospel<br>4. Rebellion
Machine Takeover
The Hole Story: Or How I Became the National Food
Interacting With Plants
78 Days of Type
A Journey to New Worlds: An Exhibition of Hayao Miyazaki